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The important point is that we are not bound to follow the guidelines of respective postal offices. Also, we do not obey the rules and regulations that the independent postal offices have set. Our company is not responsible for helping you to select the postal routes. You have to choose them on your own. But we suggest options that can facilitate our clients and will be most reasonable for them.

Advertisements and Promotions

Our company uses different strategies to make you aware of our services. As a leader in packaging, we know the worth of solid packaging and sometimes opt for it for our company. In this regard, we send promotional content to our clients' emails. You may find the emails in your inbox from our side and codes for coupons. All these emails are for ease and to inform you about our services and seasonal discounts. And the coupons we send may have many terms someone must fulfill before activation. Thus, we advise our clients to read all the terms and conditions before its activation. This way you will get more knowledge of the product and our services.

Besides this, you have to keep in mind that the specific discount offers that are mentioned are sometimes for a particular audience. The best way to get the idea when the discounts apply to anyone depends on the client's association with our company and products.

The method to use coupons is so simple. You have to note down the coupon numbers and then draw this number on the space for coupon information that is given in order details.

It is important to understand that you cannot join the usage of coupons with other discount offers. You have selected the coupons independently. So, under no conditions, you will be allowed to enter other codes for more discounts while using the coupon codes. It is not permittable with us, so chose with the conscious mind.

The next important point that you must remember is that the coupon numbers we have given you are not applicable to any other websites. Even though this website link has been included on our website you cannot use the coupon numbers for any third party.

We have certain products that have no discount offers for them. We have the freedom to decide which will be these products, and we are not liable to anyone else for this act.

It is important to understand that all the promotional content we share is time bund. After a specific time or season, they also end with all the offers. So, we are not responsible for any allegation about the promotional content offered after the time limit. The offers end after one month. Thus, you should be careful before getting the coupon codes and check whether the coupon codes are still functional or not.

Besides this, exchanging coupons is not allowed to anyone associated with you. These Coupon codes cannot be sold or transferred. We will not be responsible if they have been removed or ended from our websites.

Also, you will not be allowed to use the coupon codes after placing your order for that product. If you have not used it while placing an order for the first time, then it is not permissible to use these codes again for that product.

And if you have placed an order on iCustomBoxes with the coupon codes but left the order incomplete or it is incomplete for some reason. So, we pay back the amount you personally give us for a product, not the coupon code amount that will be returned. Also, after time, the coupon codes may be left unfunctional.

The specific terms and conditions will apply only to that portion of the order used for the return policy.

Payment Method

Basically, the amount for orders and prices on our website is quoted in dollar currency. We have a variety of methods for payment purposes. But we usually accept MasterCard, VISA Card, and PayPal payments. However, if we find any illegal activity in the past or any other fault, we reject the all-payments methods by the client's side.

iCustomBoxes accepts the clear and legal payment procedures. Before placing your order at our website, it is best to have the complete credit card history in your hand. We also ensure that you use the authorized credit card with the correct information about you. Any misuse of information or any type of fraud will not be taken lightly from our side. In case your card is outdated, you are responsible for informing us in a short time about that so that we can take steps to update your account details. All these steps are beneficial for both the client and the company. It helps you to transit the amount easily and get your order in the shortest time period.

The most important point to keep in mind is that payment will be at the time when you have placed the order. But we may give compensation in this regard, but it is up to us. And we are not liable for this leverage we have given anyone. Besides this, make sure you have all the information that confirms that this credit card belongs to you. This will help you if, in any case, your card has been rejected.

If you change your mind and want additional services from us. Then, We will debit the amount that you owe to us from credit card that you have provided us. And if you want to use another one, we suggest you inform us immediately before placing your order for additional services.

If you have discussed with us to charge by another means. So, ensure you have cleared all the payments you owe to us in five days. If you don't do that, this will automatically debit the payment from the original account you gave us.

Hence, as mentioned above, the proper credit card information should always be maintained with iCustomBoxes.

Order Cancellation Process

The orders that are germen to the printing of boxes can be canceled. But before it, heavy consideration has been taken to the time slot you have decided to cancel it. If the order has been entered in the actual printing process, it is impossible to cancel it. But in this situation, if you go for cancellation, you will have to go for the cancellation compensation. We will not return the fee you gave us for logo design printing. So, remember it before starting to work with us; if you want to go for cancellation, you have to do so before the printing phase of the order.  

Knowing whether the order has been entered in the printing phase is so simple. The icon for order cancellation suggests that the order has yet to be entered in the printing phase. So, click the icon, and the supportive representative will reach you quickly to solve your queries.

Our company policy is that we hold the orders for thirty days. If, within this time frame, you go for documentation, then we will proceed further. But if you did not complete the documentation, we are automatically left to cancel the orders. And the amount will be given back to them in ten business days.

Intellectual Property

All the materials and contents design we have shared on our website are logo or designs. These all are our intellectual property and we are the owner of them. Any attempt to sell them or plagiarize them will be taken very seriously.

Besides this, all the images, graphic designs, and tools are the sole property of iCustomBoxes. Anything that has been created by using our tools will not become your property. We will be the sole owner, and all on our website will be protected by legal procedure. So, any illegal ownership will not be taken lightly.

According to our copyright policy, we can respond to any legal notice or claim, especially the regulations mentioned in the Canada Digital Millennium Copyright Act. These are the policies that are followed by all of us at iCustomBoxes. We will mention the forms when we are liable to send a notice, and it will also help you understand the laws of copyright regulations. However, if the notice that anyone has given us has complete conformity with these rules. We will take no time to remove the content from our website and temporarily dismiss it until the issue is settled. Also, our company will contact the person responsible for that content so that they can also give their stance on the notice.

if we have received any notification about the violation of laws outlined in a complete format. We will follow the rules following DCMA.

We want to clarify that you have sent us calls or emails in case any infringement will be recorded. If it is inaccurate, you are liable to pay all the fees, hidden expenses, and all other charges. So, before placing an allegation to us, consult a lawyer to know your actual standing. Moreover, in case of inaccuracy, you will not be saved. We will have the records of your phone calls and emails.

To speed up this procedure, follow the following guidelines;

We suggest you to accompany your claim with the pictures. It would help us locate the original problem on our website and sort out the procedure in no time. It is advised you send clear pictures not blur. But if it is impossible, point out the specific portion that is the main reason for your concern. This could be in URL forms or any described nature. Also, give us the correct and complete contact and location so we can reach out to you in response to your concern in the shortest time. Other than that, you have to give us an oath for all the information that you provided us with sincere intentions. As soon as possible, you sign it, you will get our response in the next 48 hours.

For email to; 

Custom Boxes Pvt Ltd 439 University Avenue, 5th Floor, Toronto

After receiving a counter-notification, we will immediately accompany the original notification and notify the individual about the concern. So, he removes the content that is questioned.

Also, all the logos, designs, and images presented on our website belong to us. They are the sole property of iCustomBoxes. No one will be allowed to reproduce, plagiarize, or sell it to anyone. Besides this, all the icons on our websites are also our property; no attempt to reuse them can be tolerated. But many times, our listings contain the items of any third party. In this situation, it would be better to contact the third party. So that you can get a better understanding of their terms and conditions. Remember that our policies do not apply to third parties and their policies on us.

We also have strict guidelines before using our images, software, or anything. Go and read our terms and conditions on our website. We don't permit anyone to use the content on our website and claim it as your own.

iCustomBoxes is the only one who owns the software you across to our website. We don't allow anyone to use, modify the software, or plagiarize the logo design.

The Disclaimer of Liability

It is essential to mention that all the products that are mentioned on our website are without guarantees. We don't owe the entitlement to any warranties to the degree specified to us by law. Also, our try is to make the website free in case you encounter viruses or malware on our website. We are not liable for it. So, in this situation, we suggest contacting our computer operating team to cope with these problems.

We are also not responsible for any of your experience consequences upon interacting with our employees and personnel.

Governing Law

Our site comes under the law of the state of Toronto. But anyone from another locality that reaches our site will be liable to follow the laws of our state. Therefore, it would be best to understand better the rules and laws of the governing state of the site.


It is important for you that before using our website, you agree that in case of any lawsuit, no one from iCustomBoxes will be involved in this lawsuit. We will not be going to share the cost of any damages. So, following the terms and guidelines mentioned on the site is important. Also, you have to ensure that you will defend the members of iCustomBoxes on every platform. And You have to ensure that you will provide us the material or content that is not plagiarized.

Privacy and Safety

If you are looking to place an order with us, you have to ensure that you have supplied the accurate personal information needed for us to execute the orders. You don't need to fear that your personal information will be shared with anyone else unless obligated to us by law. We also ensure that your personal information will be safe with us and not provided to unauthorized personnel. So, for more information about this, please read our privacy policy.


We have another policy: if anyone we find is behaving unlawfully and breaching our policies, we have the authority to cancel his account registration with us. We also deny them their access to our website. Therefore, it is mandatory to read and follow the terms and conditions carefully.

The more important point to inform you that we are not liable to send you a warning before the termination of your account. Also, we are not responsible for presenting the rationale of this decision to you.