Terms and Conditions | Custom Packaging and Printing


To start off, it is fairly obvious and important that you are able to navigate through this website completely and with full ammunition. In order for you to do that you need to register to our website using your email account. This will grant you membership to iCustomBoxes. After that, you will have access to all of our products and services. You will also then have the complete features and functionalities enabled on our account that will give you a number of further benefits. Having said that, it is important to be mindful that you first agree to all the terms and conditions before you will be able to gain access to all of these features.

It is vital that you only provide complete and accurate information when you are making an account with us. This is only to benefit you. Also, you will be admitting to providing your personal information with regular revisions and edits when required.

It is also important to be mindful of the fact that not every function is available to be used by all. In fact, whether an individual is allowed to use a specific feature or not is largely dependent on the degree of association that the person has agreed to keep without organization. If you are exceptionally loyal to our program for instance it will be obligated upon you to purchase the items that will be visible on our website at the time of your sign-in.

To protect you and your information, you will be given a unique ID at the time that you choose to register with us. After that, you will also be given a password so as to enable you to sign in using it. We advise you to choose a password that is difficult to guess and also to keep it safe and private. However, if you suspect that your account is being used by a third party or someone acquiring malicious intent, it would be best to change the password immediately so as to better be able to provide you with the security that you need. However, if you are not in a position to get access to your account, it would be best to report to us immediately so that we take the required measures to ensure that your account can be restored and that your information is kept safe. Thus, you need to agree that you will immediately notify iCustomBoxes in case you fear any form of misuse of your account.

Content generated by customers

There are many boxes that may require additional pictures and graphics to be printed on boxes. These are always welcomed. Having said that you need to make sure that any of the material that you provide, belongs solely to you and is not copied by any other site. Thus, when you provide us with any image or any data to accompany your order you are verifying that you are the one who owns this content and also that it has not been forged or duplicated in any way. Also, you should confirm that in case of a lawsuit, the employee's agents and any other associates of the iCustomBoxes will be held not liable to take part and will also be held free of any sort of responsibility from any quarter. Also, if the iCustomBoxes are to become involved in any way, you will be responsible to pay all the lawyer fees and the settlement expense. We will not be bound to do anything of the sort and the burden will be falling on you.
It is also to inform you that iCustomBoxes do not ever store or keep customer content for a long period of time. Instead, the exact time duration for us to be keeping the order would definitely have to be no longer than thirty days. Post that, we may either erase the content or make it irretrievable.

You are also bound and obligated to agree to all of the following conditions and that you will not send us anything that falls under the following categories:

1.    Defamatory, unlawful, threatening maligning and vulgar

2.    Intrusive of an individual's security and safety

3.    Is serving the purpose of covering up an unlawful activity

4.    Encourages a mutiny against the government

5.    Is not owned by you

6.    Is it a subject of conflict with regards to copyrights, moral rights property rights or the right to publicity?

7.    Contains harmful content like trojans and viruses.

You also agree that iCustomBoxes does not generally filter any content. Regardless, we may choose to do so whenever we find it necessary and when we do, any employer of iCustomBoxes is in no way is to be questioned. They instead will be doing so at their own sensibility and thus may disallow and reject content whenever they feel that it is necessary. Most importantly, we are liable to refuse the content in all circumstances if we feel that your content in any way is not in alignment with the terms and conditions mentioned on this website. In this case, no questions should be asked and neither will they ever be entertained. We are also at the freedom to reveal customer content when the requirement is made so by the law. Along with that, we may also do so when we think that the content may be vital to

1.    Follow legal processes

2.    Apply the terms and conditions of our company

3.    Respond to an accusation regarding copied content

4.    Protect our rights and intellectual property.

Having said that, we would like to inform you that once you upload any content on our website or give us any pictures, you voluntarily choose to grant us all the rights to it and to decide how to go about with its operation. Also, be mindful that the iCustomBoxes is no longer to be held accountable should you choose to get your boxes customized from any third-party websites that are mentioned on our website.

The design tools and their usage

It is important to note that we strive to make all the design tools on our website easily accessible and readable by all users. It is however important to keep in mind that if you do happen to draft or design any logo or mark using any of our design tools, you in no way get the ownership of that design and template. Instead, it is only the iCustomBoxes that will be the ones who will be owning everything and who will continue to do so under all circumstances. Also, to better service our clients, we will always choose to keep these designs accessible to all of our clients. Thus, it has been established that when any of the tools on our website or software has been used to generate anything, the product will not in any condition get joint ownership from us. Instead, the product will continue to be the sole property of the iCustomBoxes.

It is also your obligation to ensure that any of the product that you choose to generate from the tools of the iCustomBoxes is perfectly original and not copied from anyone else. This is because if in any way that is proven to be not the case and that a lawsuit does become inevitable, we will not be held accountable under any circumstance whatsoever. Thus, it is always advisable to have your lawyer on board before choosing and picking a design.

Also, we have a number of links on our website that are not ours and thus redirect the user to third-party websites and third-party content. It is important to make explicit that such content in no way is to be considered our property. Instead, we have just placed these links on our website to enhance the customer experience. However, we in no way are to be held responsible for the content that is to be found on any of these websites and we do not evaluate and judge the legitimacy and the accuracy of this content. While we make it a point to properly screen the third-party links that are available on your website, you are advised to properly read and review all the terms and conditions found on this website and visit them at your own discretion. We in no way should be held accountable in case of any inconvenience.

The specification of the content that you upload

It is strongly advised by us that you see to it that the content that you uploaded to iCustomBoxes fulfills the following criteria:

It needs to have a ratio of one by one. This will ensure that the picture that you get printed on your boxes is going to be clear. In no way is it going to lack the needed pixels and the image is going to be one with smoothness and high resolution. If, however, the content does not fulfill this requirement, it is important to be aware that the iCustomBoxes will in no way be held liable or responsible when a faulty layout appears in front of the client. Also, in such a circumstance we are at perfect right to reject the content and request for a new one that is in perfect alignment with the mentioned specifications.

The content is best to be uploaded in the RGB form and iCustomBoxes are in no way to be held accountable if any distortion in the colours is to be found by the client.

The quality of colour

We would like to ensure all our clients that our printing quality will be the one best in the industry. Having said that, unfortunately, we cannot promise an exact colour shade as it is found unavoidable to experience a small change in the colour tone when an order is in process. This is primarily because of the distinction in colour shade found on the computer screens during the reproduction process. Similar is the case with all RGB images. We in no way are liable for differences in shades from red to near red. Such subtle differences should be discussed beforehand so as to avoid any complications in the future. The UV coating is another factor that is responsible for causing subtle differences in shades. Thus, we are not to be held accountable when such a circumstance arises.

The turnaround time of production

iCustomBoxes has a very quick turnaround time. Having said that, the speed of this turnaround time is largely seen to vary with respect to the type of the product that is to be ordered. Also, it is dependent on the speed of the service that is being ordered by you. However, if you fail to specify the time period then you will be liable to pay the charges for our standard delivery. It is important to make it clear to our readers that we in no way are looking to include the time that will be taken to ship the item from one venue onto another. Thus, the estimation of the time that will be mentioned on your bill is an amalgamation of your shipping time along with your turnaround time. After you hit the confirm button and the payment has been made, in no way are we going to repay you back.

We do not take customer feasibility lightly. In fact, we take all steps necessary to ensure that the process is as easy for the customers as it is possible. That is why we provide a number of turnaround times for people to choose from according to what is the most convenient option for them. It is however vital to note that not all the turnaround times are applicable to all the products. It is to help others make a better-informed decision that we have the turnaround time listed with each and every product.

Things to remember:

  • The time of pick up is in the morning at eight. However, orders that have been called for after the time of six will only be delivered on the next day.
  • If the concept of free delivery will indeed be applicable, it will not be allowed to be placed till the day of the next upcoming order. It is important to take note of the fact that we cannot really allow the same delivery with same day turnaround.
  • However, it is also important to mention that we can in a number of circumstances, print the boxes on the same day. This is completely based on our discretion and thus not be questioned or coerced into indulging.

Next Business Day

If an order is received after eight in the morning, the order will be dispatched no later than by the very next day. However, all orders that will not be completed by eight in the morning are going to filed for the very next day and thus be dispatched. only on the next day

The day following next day

If the order is received by twelve, then the orders will be finalized and dispatched by the end of the next day. Having said that, all orders not received by twelve will be considered as being received by the following day.

Day four to day seven

The jobs that will be pertinent to production will be allowed only on fourth day after getting known of the preposition and then announced formally on the seventh day.

Please remember:

If there are jobs that are found by iCustomBoxes to be suspicious of nature or one which has significant faults, it will only be after rigorous checks and potentially time-consuming pondering that the job will be approved.
Another thing that needs to be given formal consideration is that if you choose to opt for group shipping, the time for your order delivery will increase by a couple of days.

The quantity we deliver.

We are a company that really cares about our customers. Thus, our agenda is definitely to fulfill their needs and hence to meet the number of items that they asked for. Having said that, a discrepancy in the quantity may arise and thus we may give away around three percent more or less than the quantity that was demanded by us. In this case we will not be held liable to make any sort of pricing adjustments.

The need to proofread

iCustomBoxes bears no responsibility to analyze the content that you have requested to be included on your box. Also, we will not be reviewing your logos for propriety or your content for having any sort of weight whatsoever. Instead, the execution of your orders will be dependent only on what you provide at the time that you click submit. Any errors on your part will not be things that we will be held accountable for and bear the consequences for. We also never make any modifications even when we find it is necessary. Thus, when you submit your order to us, we assume that you have read it and gone through it a number of times. We then will definitely not be held accountable if you later on encounter errors that are grammatical in nature. Thus, we advise all the clients to properly review the material they send to us and see to it that it is one of exalted quality and thus free of any errors relating to punctuation, incomplete layout or improper fonts.

iCustomBoxes also will not voluntarily take the initiative to present any of its customers with a proof for the content of the order that they have placed. Thus, if such a need arises, we advise the clients to reach out to us personally for the fulfillment of this demand. However, it should be kept in mind that we will not be moving forward with the order of our client unless and until they approve of the order through formal email. This will unavoidably impact the dispatch time of their order.