Reprinting | Custom Packaging and Printing

Consignment Checking

A dear client once you receive your shipment from your local courier, please make sure that you check the shipment thoroughly on arrival.

In case you see any signs of damage to your shipment on arrival then it is your responsibility to take digital images of your shipment and inform the courier service instantly in order to obtain the return policy. Failure to inform the appropriate authorities including iCustomBoxes and the concerned courier office within the given time frame will revoke the return policy agreement and iCustomBoxes will not be liable for any damages or loss of property.


In case of damage to the shipment, a client can either re-order the boxes or get a Reprinting of the damaged product. Our normal Reprinting time is scheduled at 25 working days starting from the day the Reprinting policy is processed and approved.

Our return policy covers full reprinting and rescheduling of your job and will not cover Reprinting as your job will be reprinted to your satisfaction. All products are checked for quality and approved by the quality control department piece by piece before shipping. To claim the return policy, you will have a total of three working days to inform your dedicated sales representative and start the return procedure. If you are unable to inform within the required time frame then the company will not cover any return claims and you would have to pay in full to reprint the job. Digital images of the defective pieces would be required in order to start the return policy procedure within the specified timeframe of three working days. In case any fraudulent activity is suspected from the customer's side to dodge the company then this would result in cancelling the return policy thus rendering the return policy void.

Reprinting will be applicable under the following conditions specified below:

Your required product is defective or damaged on arrival.

Your product is not according to your specified requirements and does not match the approved proof which is confirmed from your end before the printing process. The colours and artwork are not what you asked for and do not adhere to your requirements.

Shipment Delays

iCustomBoxes will not be liable for any delays in shipments caused due to following conditions:

  • Delays are caused from the courier companies' side e.g. (FedEx or DHL) as they give us an estimated shipping time which can be delayed due to certain technical issues or weather conditions.
  • Delays due to weather conditions and natural disasters. These conditions can hamper the supply and delivery chain thus resulting in unspecified delays in the shipment and manufacturing process.
  • Delays caused by customs and clearance departments on airports as most of our goods and products are shipped via airmail/cargo and subject to custom clearance which might cause a delay in the promised delivery date.
  • Delays due to wrong or incomplete shipping details provided by the customer or unable to pick the delivery on the specified and confirmed shipping/mailing address.