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We understand your concern for the safety of your personal information. Privacy is a main concern of everyone, and we would like to inform you that our company has taken measurable steps to ensure your private information safety. We have a system to protect data from anyone intending to misuse your information.

How Do We Collect Your Information?

At iCustomBoxes, we use different ways to collect user information. Firstly, we collect data from the information you gave us with your consent. In this information, your name, home address, ID card data, gender, and fax number are included. These all-information customers provide us during their registration and for subscription. Besides this, cookies on our page are also a way to gather data about your browser and your operating system. We have software that records which page you have visited and how much time you have spent on that page. We also have the records of reviews that you have given and the templates you like on our websites. Your credit card, IP address, and account information are also something that we keep on record.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We use the user information in a number of ways. But above all, our main purpose in gathering data is to provide our customers with excellent services. For this purpose, understanding demographics and its unique behaviors is important. After that, we can able to produce the services for the customers and get the maximum reviews from you. With the help of your location information, we can provide the best design that will attract the specific audience of this area. By getting all your information, we can deliver all your orders. The information about the browser and operating system enables us to offer you the best website that can work on those systems. Also, by keeping an eye on the pages you have visited, we can tailor the other pages in similar ways. Besides this, your reviews and likes on our pages put us in a better position to customize the things that you want to get. Finally, all these enable us to modify the ads you see on our websites and offer you the products you are interested in.

The other important factor is your financial information, which we need to know for safe transactions. We also have to keep an eye on the trends to keep our products up to date according to the market demand.

We also gather information about your email address to inform you about our services and company. Through the email address, we make you aware of the latest offers and promotional schemes and our latest printing designs. Besides this, it also needed to solve your queries, to send you newsletters, and for your feedback.

How We Protect Your Information

We use different ways to ensure your information is safe. For this purpose, we have many articles on our websites for password protection. Only that person can access information who knows about passwords. That’s why we advise customers to choose strong passwords so that no one can access your account.

Also, if you forget your password to recover it immediately, contact us. So that we can take action and make the account secure.

Most of the content on our website is password protected. Only authorized persons can access this content. That’s why we have the extreme checks on our employee’s background. We only include those people in our team who are trustworthy and reliable.

We also feel proud to inform you that we never sell our customer’s personal information to any third party. We do so when we are obliged by the law.

Our protective socket layer on our website oversees the sender and receiver information. It also ensures that proper and verified information is shared between the accounts.

There may be content on our website that a third party might generate. We take safety measures to ensure that safe and secure content is loaded on our website, but if it is not, then we are not responsible for anything.

Furthermore, it is important to read about the privacy policies of these third-party websites because our privacy policies do not apply to them.

How to Contact iCustomBoxes?

You can contact iCustomBoxes at and also can call us at 1-800-347-2197. 

We are flexible to make changes in our privacy policies when needed. In this situation, there is no need to make any declaration. But we advise users to visit our pages so they can notice the changes we made.