A Complete Guide On Designing Sparkling Custom Advent Calendar

A Complete Guide On Designing Sparkling Custom Advent Calendar

Custom Advent Calendars to Welcome Christmas with Full Zest

Advent Calendars are not new; their roots go back to the 19TH Century. In ancient times, people started counting by marking days on walls with chalk. But now, the advent calendars make this countdown activity more exciting. These calendars make the waiting time full of fun with unique gifts such as chocolates and candies. Moreover, it gives your product the exposure that is necessary for sales.

Exceptional Advent Calendars with Personalized Feature

How many days are left at Christmas? It's November, and the countdown for Christmas will start at the start of December. This is the best time to give your customers the best gifts with personalized calendars. The personalized Advent calendar makes your branded products relatable and appealing. Customers get the products with advent calendar gifts. It makes them excited to do shopping more. Yet printed logo on calendars reminds the customers about you.

Most of the brands pack chocolate toffees in personalized advent calendars. This is the perfect marketing technique to make your products effective in sales. Customers get attracted towards your products and feel them worthy to buy. Hence, your brand names on the boxes make them your brand ambassadors.  

Add Appeal with Bright Colors and Special Designs

The first thing that customers notice is the designs of calendars. The box appearance makes them interactive due to special color schemes. The use of vibrant colors makes a difference in your product's packaging. You can also select the special charismas colors that will make them identical. The innovative designs give a fancy look to them. Also, it makes the calendars appealing to clients.

As customers get bored with the traditional styles of calendars. They are looking for unique designs. Customization gives them a chance to choose the sizes, styles and designs according to their needs. Moreover, you can add special images that symbolize Christmas. The Fabolous images of Christmas trees, Santas and red-green colors relate products to events.

Christmas Season Recyclable Calendars

Customers get inspired when they see that you give importance to the environment. They also prefer those brands that take care of the Earth's safety. That's why the choice of nature-friendly material brings your advent calendars a positive response. They need cardboard because they are lightweight and need to customize the unique themes. However, kraft is another option to make your calendars in quality material.


Custom Advent Calendars is the best marketing agent in a competitive market. Customers get influenced by the captivating designs and colorful themes of calendars. They like the favorite branded items, such as chocolate candies, in these boxes. We suggest our customers choose unique designs and images to grab their attention. Make a good impression with the kraft cardboard material selection. It sets you apart from all other brands. Moreover, it shows your efforts for a clean environment.