Custom Printed invitation boxes Wholesale

Custom Printed invitation boxes Wholesale

Best Custom Invitation Boxes Ideas that can help to get your Perfect Invitation

Custom invitation boxes are still very popular despite the emergence of digital media and social media platforms.

Customized invitation boxes with attractive colours and vibrant designs with unique fonts are favoured by many people to invite their guests to their family or corporate events to celebrate and be part of them. Ideas for designing these custom invitation boxes are available and vary from time to time and event to event. Further what kind of occasion or event you are planning for inviting your guest is also an important and decisive factor for designing your invitation boxes.

Colour schemes and finishing quality is also decided since how important is a certain event or occasion or the person to whom you want to invite to be part of your event. Besides the above, some more common and important factors and ideas are presented below to be taken care of while deciding about your invitation boxes.

Cardboard Invitation Boxes with variable material qualities

Cardboard is the material that is quite common these days for creating any kind of invitation boxes for any event or occasion for small or large quantities.

This material is made with wood-like elements that are natural and not harmful to the environment. Further, this material provides the strength to maintain any pressure for a longer period while on the other hand flexible enough to form any shape for invitation boxes. Cardboard invitation boxes can be created in any shape or size of invitation cards with matching vibrant or elegant colours as per the demand of any event or occasion.

Various reasons for delivering your invitations

Invitation cards packed with equal standard invite boxes are quite popular to invite guests to your special events. There are numerous events and occasions for which you can design and give an invitation to your loved ones.

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are the most common events for that invitation boxes are required to present invitation cards. People like to use birthday invitation cards to be created with matching themes of an overall birthday party.

Age and gender also define the overall look and feel of invitation cards. If you are planning for a toddlers’ birthday then colours will be bright while for young adults, colours will be elegant but stylish and classy.

Marriage Ceremonies

This is the most important event for anybody in their lifetime. People like to spend a lot of money on invitation cards to invite all their friends and relatives to make them present at this occasion. Normally elegant colours with high-class materials and add-ons like ribbons and satin finishing are used to make these invitation boxes look attractive and elegant.

Corporate events

Corporate events are another reason for customized invitation boxes filled with invitational cards to honourable guests of the event. Invitational cards for this event are created with corporate colours and attractive printing with a brand logo.

Religious Occasions

Religious festivals are also common for all religions and people find these occasions also for any family or friends get-together. Invitational cards for events that are organized on part of these festivals are also quite popular and created in colours to match the overall occasional theme.

Custom Invitation Boxes with attractive colour combinations as per the event

Any event will be incomplete without colourful invitational cards packed in equal elegant invitational boxes. Choose the right colours for your custom invitation boxes as per the theme and demand of an event.

It depends upon the event for which you are considering preparing invitation cards. If it is a marriage event, then you will choose elegant colour combinations to show the class and style. Normally colours are chosen in dark shades to create invitation boxes for events like these. Birthday parties’ invitational cards are commonly prepared with bright colours as per the age and gender of the person for whom event you want to create invitation boxes.

Prints for your custom Invitation Boxes that boost the outlook

Printing has its role to enhance the look of your presentation boxes. printing has a lot of ideas that can be used as per the situation and need. If your invitation boxes are part of a birthday event, then you can present these invitation boxes to match with the overall birthday party theme. If there is no pre-defined party theme, then invitation boxes can be designed as per the age and gender-specific printing ideas. Content that is displayed has an important part as well. Different styles of fonts and printing styles can be used like debossing, embossing, or engraving to make text look more elegant and classy.

Customization with die-cuts to make your Boxes appealing

Making invitation boxes appealing enough to influence your target guests to attend your desired event is the key to making these invitation boxes. You can achieve any kind of design and shape by using die-cut machines to make your invitation boxes look attractive and charming enough to remind your guests about your event even after many days of the actual event date. Customization features like die-cut window front, extra pockets for extra cards for specific days of events are quite common. Further finishing features like satin material with added ribbons are also added to make your cards and boxes look elegant and stylish.

Invitation Boxes wholesale for low-cost invitations

You don't need to spend huge financial resources on the creation of these custom invitation boxes for your events or occasions. Many packaging suppliers are now offering these customized invitation boxes with low-budget large-quantities lots to select one for yourself as per your occasion or need. These wholesale custom invitation boxes are true to their quality and right choice for fulfilling the demand for large-scale invitational boxes at budgeted pockets.


By carefully examining all the factors and features presented above, you should decide carefully if you are planning to invitation boxes for your events to want to design for your customers.