Get the complete knowledge about Pencils Boxes wholesale

Get the complete knowledge about Pencils Boxes wholesale

What are Pencil Boxes?

Pencils are an important source of information. One can get and deliver information through writing with the help of a pencil. It is an important factor in the education system. To keep it safe and in a managed why different types of Pencils boxes are available in the market. The packaging of the pencil is made in such an order to keep it in the correct order. So for a perfect packaging of pencil, some factors are important. These factors are


Material is an essential thing in the manufacture of anything. For the manufacture of pencil boxes, the possible materials are Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material. Kraft is thin as compared to cardboard and corrugated material and it is also less stable, if it gets wet it can deform from its shape. Whereas cardboard is thick and more stable than Kraft but in some conditions, it also deforms. Similarly corrugated material is thick and more than both cardboard and Kraft. But the most commonly used material for pencil packaging boxes is cardboard. Because it is stable as for the pencil boxes requirement other than this it is cheap in cost. But the material can be managed according to the customer`s requirement.


The design makes your product eye-catching. Professionals design your boxes in such a way that they can grab your customers. Various designs and color combinations are involved in the manufacture of pencil boxes. A further best color scheme such as CMYK and PMS is used to make it more attractive for the customer. The design and color selection should be very decent it should not be very harsh. Other than this everything is according to and under the customer`s supervision.


Style is something that makes your presentation of the product good. For pencil boxes, there are a number of styles such as top tuck, pencil boxes with lock, etc. Pencil boxes with a lock are most commonly used to keep the pencils in order as well as to keep them safe and easy to take it off from the box. Other than this window die-cut can also be added. In window die-cut pencil boxes we have the option of PVC and without PVC. It is used as a display box so that the customer can see it without opening it. Many other styles are available but everything is done after the customer`s confirmation.

Shape and size

Pencil boxes are available in almost all sizes as well as shapes. Pencil boxes are made in creative and attractive shapes so that they can attract customers, especially children. Pencil boxes are available in shapes such as square, oval, cylindrical, rectangle, etc. You can also add handles along with pencil boxes so that it can be easy to carry from one pace to another. The ideal size of the pencil boxes is made so that it can be easy to carry but size and shape are customized according to the customer`s desire.