Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Shatter Boxes

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Shatter Boxes

Without any doubt, delicate cannabis products like CBD shatter and concentrate are highly sensitive. The selection of quality and reliable packaging for them is highly essential. Looking for a secure and long-lasting packaging solution to preserve the actual aroma and taste of delicate shatter? Then, don’t go elsewhere. Our custom shatter boxes are an ideal method.  We at iCustomBoxes manufacture premium CBD packaging at wholesale rates. Order from us in bulk to benefit from our fantastic discount offers. This article will discuss the key points of our custom cannabis shatter boxes and why they must go to storage options for CBD retail companies. 

Shatter Box Packaging Customizable into Endless Designs

There is no limitation in customization. It allows brands to push their bounds and think beyond the box. Our team believes in creativity and innovation. So, at ICB, you can get a tailor-made box in any customized size, shape, colour and material.  Moreover, we add extra finishing solutions like die-cuts, PVC sheets, inserts, etc., to enhance the box’s appeal and functionality. However, seal end, tuck end, sleeve packaging and display packaging are the handiest packaging designs for shatter boxes wholesale. Besides, pouches made with brown kraft are an excellent way to present CBD products with elegance. 

Highly Durable and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Today, consumers prefer environmental safety along with the protection of products.  Our custom shatter box packaging is an absolute solution. You will be wondering how it is. First, our boxes are manufactured with biodegradable stock kraft, cardboard, and corrugated. All these material solutions are highly cost-effective and durable. The vulnerable CBD items, such as shatter, stay fresh inside the boxes and do not deteriorate or deprive of their actual quality. 

Custom Shatter Boxes with Logo: Ideal for Brand’s Marketing 

there is huge competition in the cannabis industry. CBD brands are making tireless efforts to establish a distinctive position in the crowded market. Printed shatter packaging is an influential technique to grab the client’s attention. We print packaging with exclusive artwork, graphics, logos, and promotional tag lines to create an exciting and branded CBD shatter box packaging wholesale. The labelling of the box with the logo establishes the brand’s awareness and helps in the growth of the business. 

Why is iCustomBoxes a First-Rate Packaging Facility in Canada?

Our company is a world-renowned packaging destination in Canada. The only reason for our popularity is not the provision of first-rate products. There are plenty of other causes that stand us apart from our contemporaries.