What is Sleeve Packaging and why it's important.

What is Sleeve Packaging and why it's important.

The sleeve packaging is mostly used for luxurious items. These are highly protective boxes because it keeps your product very safe. For this packaging, you can have the best material such as cardboard, kraft, and corrugated material. These are highly durable, sturdy, and lightweight. Kraft is commonly used for lightweight products moreover it is thin and durable at low level. On the other hand, cardboard is also lightweight and thick. It is durable enough to carry different products it is also weather resistant. Last but not least these Sleeve boxes are also available in corrugated material that is the most stable material. This is the thickest and most durable in any case that’s why it is used for shipping.

Sleeve Boxes customization according to your requirement

These boxes are can be customized according to your choice. You can customize the amazing and innovative designs on the packaging. These designs can be according to the nature of the product. Designs can harsh smooth or loud according to the customer`s choice. These Sleeve boxes can be designed by professionals. Moreover, these Sleeve boxes can be in different colors. For these color patterns are available. These colors make your packaging look vibrant, funky and lively. Other than this for more designs and color patterns you can visit our website. Icustomboxes provide a wide range of designs for the packaging. We also offer the latest printing techniques to use these boxes for the sake of advertisement. With the help of these techniques you can add company logo, descriptions on the boxes. Sleeve boxes are commonly used as gift boxes. For this purpose, you can add different greetings on the boxes according to the occasion. You can also add ornaments to the boxes to give them a unique and beautiful look.

Get Custom Packaging Sleeves in all kind of styles

Custom sleeve packaging is itself a box style. To make it more adorable you can add window die-cut on the boxes. These can be used as display boxes if you add window die-cut on the boxes. You can also add handles with the boxes so that these boxes can be easy to carry from one place to another. These boxes can be in different shapes also such as square rectangle elongated and many more. You can also get these boxes and other Hot Dog Boxes and trays in a different size. You can have these according to your product requirement. The size and shape of the box help to fit the product inside the box.

Custom Sleeve Boxes with discounted rates and free shipping

Icustomboxes provide the best discount rates for the packaging. We offer really amazing offers to you for your packaging so that they can help you to groom your business. We offer retail discount offers for your packaging. Moreover we also offer these packaging at discount rate of 30 % discount on occasions. This makes your occasion more special for you. You can get this Custom sleeve packaging at your doorstep. We offer shipping all over the world and our shipping services are completely free.

Get Custom Box Sleeves at wholesale rates

These boxes are really amazing when you have these at a wholesale rate. If you order the custom sleeve packaging in the form of bulk you can get these custom sleeves packaging at wholesale rate. The bulk order can be very helpful for you so that you can have these boxes in large amounts but at an affordable price and all the packaging will be of the same quality. We never compromise on our quality. For the wholesale rate of different packaging, there are price packages available on icustomboxes website. These packaging price packages are designed according to the features of the packaging. You can get this custom sleeve packaging of your own choice.

Sleeve Box Packaging at icustomboxes

Icustomboxes is the best marketing company to provide trending sleeve packaging and bath bomb packaging. These boxes are designed by professionals so that you can design the latest packaging for your product. Moreover the professional consultation is totally free. We offer customer services for your help so that you can share your view with us to design your packaging. We will wait for your response. We feel glad to serve you.