Wide Range Of Unique Gift Boxes

Wide Range Of Unique Gift Boxes

A few years back the packaging industry was not as modernized as it is today as the packaging was very simple and the variety of material and printing was limited. But now, most of the packaging including unique gift boxes wholesale can be ordered easily with the expert packaging companies like iCustomBoxes. Like all other types of boxes, unique gift boxes wholesale are manufactured in variety of materials and printing styles that you can order according to your personalized choice. There are different types of unique gift boxes wholesale for you to choose from, the following is a brief introduction to various designs of unique gift boxes wholesale.

Favor boxes

Favor boxes play a vital role in making your guests feel special as they are used to present the return gifts. A few decades back the return gifts were just packed in wrapping paper and looked very casual. With passage of time all the trends changed including the trend of presenting gifts. The things that were not considered valuable now value the most. In the past the emotions or feelings and efforts made by the giver was given importance but now in today’s modern world the value or the worth of a gift is measured from its packing. iCustomBoxes is a packaging company that manufactures unique gift boxes wholesale at reasonable rates and in an expert manner. Favor boxes made by iCustomBoxes speak for themselves.

Custom flower boxes

According to many surveys conducted in different parts of the world the most heart touching gift especially for females is that of flowers, and when these flowers are packed nicely in custom flower boxes that look beautiful and elegant just like the receiver of the gift. Custom flower boxes are a new addition to the line of unique gift boxes wholesale manufactured at the leading packaging companies. One famous packaging company is iCustomBoxes that has a team of creative people to guide you in every step of the manufacturing of unique gift boxes wholesale. Custom flower boxes are available in a variety of colors shapes and sizes and you can order the type that suits your needs.

Gable boxes

Whenever it is about the packing of gifts, no gift box suits more than the gable boxes at iCustomBoxes only the recycled material is used in the making of the unique gift boxes wholesale and this makes the gable boxes a cheaper option as compared to the boxes made from other non-recycled materials. Gable boxes made by iCustomBoxes may seem thin and fragile but the fact is quite opposite as these boxes no matter how thin they seem to be are very strong, sturdy and hygienic. As these gable boxes are made with eco-friendly material they are safe to be used to store or carry food items. There are hundreds of businessmen who use unique gift boxes wholesale for the promotion of their business. Many businessmen get these gable boxes printed according to their publicity needs and they distribute free gifts or samples in the public to attract people and till now it is one of the most effective way of business promotion.

Gift Card Boxes

In the past people used to give different items of personal use cosmetics and pieces of decoration as a gift but with the revolution in the society the nature of gifts exchanged in friends has immensely changed. Now, instead of giving material things to the receiver one uses gift cards as gifts. There are many stores that gift their regular customers with plastic money that they can use to buy the items of their choice. Not only the big stores but common man too, wins gift cards and give them as present to their friend. Gift card boxes have a special place in the list of unique gift boxes wholesale as gift cards are a unique gift and this gift needs some special gift card boxes to add more value to your gift.

Ornament Boxes

One more important part of the unique gift box wholesale collection is the ornament box. The life of a female is not complete without possessing some beautiful precious ornaments. iCustomBoxes expertly designs the ornament boxes to cater the needs of its clients.