A Complete Guide to Designing Custom Shatter Boxes

A Complete Guide to Designing Custom Shatter Boxes

Nobody can deny the fast-growing importance of cannabis products. Shatter is also one of them, but it comes in saturated form. After the legal permission of cannabis products in Canada, the demand for Custom Shatter boxes is high. Thus, the manufacturing brands want to get appealing packaging boxes. Here, we share some valuable tips to customize these boxes.

Accurate Size to Enclose Cannabis Shatter

The first thing that is a big concern of cannabis manufacturers is packaging. They don't want to pack the cannabis shatter in low-quality oversized boxes. Because the mismatched box size affects the product's quality and your brand image. So, it's time to say goodbye to the large packaging. With custom boxes, you will get the exact size for your products. Besides, it stops the creation of lots of packaging waste, which is a significant cause of climate change.

Use of Sustainable Packaging Material

No doubt our earth has been poorly affected due to global warming. But there are many ways to keep your environment better for life. For this, the use of kraft and cardboard material offers sustainable packaging. They are excellent in the protection of such items and are also recyclable.

It is true that custom shatter boxes in eco-friendly materials are affordable. The organic packaging costs less than plastic bags. Further, they make your brand image positive among customers. Using natural packaging boxes encourages the clients to care about climate safety.

Printed Packaging as an Attention Grabber

Do you want to save your amount of cannabis brand advertisement? Don't worry; as claimed earlier, custom boxes are affordable. You can use top-notch printing designs to magnify your product-branded look. Customers will get the words of your brand from its packaging. Unique logos, slogans, and taglines bring customer's attention. Moreover, they give a luxurious look to the products.

Those people show off their class with a selection of branded products. You can make your custom boxes influential for them with foiling and spot UV. These features will highlight the brand names and its services. Moreover, logo embossing/debossing saves your products from copycats.

Affordable Custom Shatter Boxes Wholesale

 Well, various features make custom shatter boxes elegant. But if you add die cuts, they enhance the beauty of inside products. Moreover, customers will get little views of inside items. As mentioned above, cannabis products have many medicated benefits. That's why keeping them safe and secure during storage is essential.

For this, the coating adds extra protection layers. They preserve the products from moisture, dust, and germs. Besides, the use of lamination will retain the taste of products.

Final Note 

iCutsomBoxes.CA always meets the needs of its clients. So now, for the custom shatter boxes, we offer massive discounts with free design help. Our quality of material and state-of-the-art printing designs enhance the outlook of products. Also, we deliver your order within the timeframe that you have given.