Top Trending types and their Uses of Boxed Packaged Goods

Top Trending types and their Uses of Boxed Packaged Goods

Boxed Packaged Goods and every keen detail

Boxed packaged goods are the premium packaging that is used for shipping. This particular packaging is used for the sole purpose of saving the product. Moreover, the packaging company has seen a lot of action in the past few years. According to a study, they are going to went from 926 billion in 2019 to 1.652 billion dollars in 2027.

Furthermore, according to another study, 72% of American consumers love to receive boxed packaged goods. Custom packaging gives them a sense of satisfaction.

Different types of products are frequently ordered online

Covid has changed many aspects of our life. But most importantly, it has changed how we shop. Nowadays, going to malls and shops has become pretty rare. Consumers don't want to go outside and deal with other clients and overly confident merchandisers. They just simply click on the screen and choose the best product that satisfies their needs. However, some of the most famous and frequently order products are:

Food and drinks

People love to get food in the comfort of their homes. Through this facility, they no longer get to wait for lengthy preservation lines. Just go to your favourite restaurant site, choose your desired cuisine and get your edibles in boxed packaged goods.


Electronic products have been one of the first products that have been delivered in custom packaging. Due to their fragile nature, they are kept safe during the shipment of boxed packaged goods.

Clothing and shoes

The garment industry has been shifted to online ventures. Patrons go to their website, select their favourite apparel and cleats and wait for their boxed package goods.

Books, movies, music and games

These are one of the most frequently ordered products. even before the covid consumer have been getting their books, movies, music and games in custom packaging boxes.

 Advantages that are directly associated with boxed packaged goods

Through our survey, boxed packaged goods provide its regulars with 5 key benefits

Premium finishing

Many organizations use multiple finishing tactics to make their boxed packaged goods more appealing. Moreover, this particular functionality also provides users with a mesmerizing, unboxing experience.

Easy carrying

Custom boxed packaged goods can also be personalized with lightweight materials to make them easy to carry. This single functionality gives users the ease of carrying.

Securing the packaging

Moreover, these boxed packaged goods can also be crafted through thick materials in order to make them more reliable and strong.


Furthermore, these packages are also built according to the product's suitability. Hence the item is delivered in optimum condition.

Protection features

The main goal of boxed packaged goods is to protect what is stored inside them. These premium packaging solutions make sure that item is well preserved and safe from external factors.

Categorizing different types of boxed package goods

In terms of types of boxed packaging goods, the list has no end to it. However, we will try to address as much as we can:

Bubble Custom Boxes

This packaging type is great for small products. It is the most convenient approach when you want an easy-to-ship solution.

Advantage: waterproof, sustainable, recycle ability and available in all sizes.

Disadvantage: not suitable for fragile stuff, lack security, protection is limited.

Foil sealed packaging

Foiled sealed packaging is a great packaging technique for small and apparel items. Mostly used for shelf products.

Pros: protection from UV rays & rain, less space consumption, affordability.

Cons: not a great choice for fragile things. Crushing and dropping can also penetrate these boxed packaged goods.

Jute bags

One of the most sustainable packaging types. They have strong fibre.

Advantages: strength, recyclable, earth-friendly,  pocket friendly.

Disadvantages: not great protection against crushing and rain, fibre shredding.

Cotton packaging

Then most popular boxed packaged goods types. Use for delivering, storing and packaging.

Pros: dust protection, reusability & sustainability, feel good

Cons: limited packaging options, less protection from external circumstances

Chipboard bags

A boxed packaged goods that are made from reclaimed papers. Moreover, they are bonded with risen in order to give them a proper structure.

Benefits: cost-friendly, easy manipulation, meeting both ends in terms of lightweight and heavyweight.

Defects: thin structure when developed in the lightweight category. Lacking protection against water and other external factors.

Plastic boxed packaged goods

Even one of the most hazardous packaging types, this particular type has replaced many other materials.

Advantages: cheap, light, moisture-proof, durable.

Disadvantages: lacking the premium touch, bad impact on the earth.

Corrugated Custom Boxes

A great fundamental approach towards storing, packaging and retailing purposes. They have many layers into them and can be used for heavyweight products.

Pros: sustainable and recycling able, reasonable prices, the alteration can be made.

Cons: prices go higher with the quality; unfinished corrugated Custom Boxes don't perform well.

Rigid Boxed packaged goods

The most premium material type. Most of the time, luxurious products are packed in this type of packaging type.

Benefits: top-notch quality, durability and thick structure, easily customizable

Defects:  not pocket friendly.

Paper board boxes

These boxed packaged goods types are made from wood and 100% recycled material. They can be customized into any shape and size.

Advantages: cost-friendly, flexibility, optimum packaging choice

Disadvantages: not good choice against water, integrity and strength not recommended.