Cardboard CBD boxes Ensure Protection

Cardboard CBD boxes Ensure Protection

Nowadays, the cannabis industry is flourishing rapidly. The huge product consumption has given rise to competition in the market. The overall brand’s success lies in the product’s packaging. CBD products are highly sensitive and cost a lot of money. That’s why consumers look for a premium product’s packaging. Are you one of those retail brands who underestimate product packaging? This is a false practice. Cardboard packaging is a perfect and budget-friendly option for cannabis retail companies. 

This blog will inform you about the importance of cardboard CBD box packaging. And how it helps out in ensuring the 100% product’s protection against external odds. 

Preserve the Actual Product’s Quality with Cardboard CBD Packaging

as described earlier, CBD products are vulnerable retail goods. Their exposure to sunlight, pollutants, and harsh temperatures deprives them of their actual flavor and taste. We at iCustomBoxes are offering the most reliable and excellent material to create a moisture-proof custom CBD box wholesale. Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated are the most desirable substrates. However, cardboard paper is considered more demandable for retail owners because of its following attributes:

  • It is customizable to endless packaging solutions.
  • Cardboard paper is sturdy and can bear environmental factors efficiently. 
  • It costs less than other substrates in the market. 
  • It is biodegradable and safe for the health of the planet. 
  • Durable cardboard paper assures ultimate product protection. 

Add a Sophisticated and Durable Touch with Coatings

The product’s packaging will likely deteriorate because of scratches, fingerprints, scuffs, etc. Do you want to give cardboard CBD boxes a spot and blemished-free look? We have a wonderful solution for you. It’s nothing but the application of coatings on the box’s surface. Our coating options involve:

  • gloss
  • matt
  • aqueous coating
  • spot UV

A gloss finish is preferable because of its light-reflective quality. Sturdy and resistant to dust, moisture, contaminants, etc. The matt coating is contrary to gloss. It is suitable to add a professional and finest touch to cannabis packaging. However, aqueous is one of the solutions. It gives a shiny, satin, and velvety texture to the box’s surface.

Give An Enticing Look to CBD Packaging with Special Finishings

Cardboard paper is print-friendly. So, it is feasible to tailor it into personalized artwork, color, and additional embellishments. We are offering an array of finishings to furnish CBD box packaging wholesale. These include:

  • Hot foil stamping:
  • Hot foiling is best to highlight the printed text or design of the logo. Silver and gold color foiling are the most apt options.  
  • Embossing/ debossing:
  • Emboss and deboss add excellent value to the product’s packaging and stand it apart from the crowd. 

Why Choose Us?

iCustomBoxes is one of the top-ranked packaging facilities in Canada. You can reach us to buy high-end custom cardboard cannabis boxes at low prices. Our boxes designed under the trendy packaging styles in Canada will ensure 100% of the brand’s success. You can get a personalized box in your preferred color, design, material, and shape from us within a short time. Book order to grab our incredible services.