Choose the Die-Cut Window option from the iCustomBoxes solution

Choose the Die-Cut Window option from the iCustomBoxes solution

Today, there is prevailing cutting-throat competition in the crowded market. Are you looking for an economical and marvelous strategy to dominate the retail environment and get the lead in the crowd? Then, our die-cut window box packaging must be chosen to create a distinguishable identity in the market. Die-cut packaging shows off products on the shelves and elevates the likelihood of product sales instantly. You will be amazed to learn that we at ICB are offering various die-cut window box design options. You can get personalized design boxes in preferred shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. 

Well-Designed and Durable Window Box Packaging

First, our die-cut window box material includes kraft and cardboard paper. However, cardboard paper is the most suitable choice because of its flexibility. You can design die-cuts into any creative shapes and sizes effortlessly. Moreover, cardboard paper is print-friendly and has the strength to endure traveling tears, scratches, jerks, etc. However, kraft paper is also a good option if you have to give the packaging a natural and simple feel. It’s not needless to say that brown kraft paper boxes are the best approach to attain the attention of eco-conscious buyers and build a positive brand identity. 

Choose Thick PVC Sheet for Better Aesthetics

Adding thick PVC sheets in window boxes is essential to give a pleasing look to the product’s packaging. It is a must-add-on solution for food packaging. Food items like cookies, chocolates, candies, etc., can be contaminated by harmful environmental elements. The thick PVC film is best for keeping germs, pollutants, dust, etc. at bay. 

Versatility in Window Packaging Box’s Styles

Do you want to give an individual feel to the product’s packaging with a creative design die-cut box? You can count on our experts. They have years of expertise in packaging. So, they are talented enough to frame packages into any personalized design. Please inform them about precise specifications to get an error-free package in return. However, our most popular box styles for die-cut packaging include the following:

  • tray and sleeve boxes
  • pillow packaging 
  • two-piece box
  • gable box
  • hang tab packaging 
  • hexagon boxes
  • tuck front box

List of Finishings to Adorn Exclusive Die-Cut Window Boxes

Add-ons and embellishments are the additional solutions that are used for the adornment of die-cut packaging. The list goes as follows:

  • gloss finish 
  • matt coating
  • embossing 
  • debossing
  • hot foil stamping
  • ribbons
  • hemp rope

Incorporation of these special finishings gives an eye-catching and delightful look to the packaging. 

What are the Reasons for Prioritizing iCustomBoxes?

ICB is a well-known Canada-based packaging and printing facility. The company has successfully gained the loyalty of worldwide clients by offering state-of-the-art products at the lowest prices. To your surprise, besides buying the best quality products, you can grab additional facilities like free shipment, zero charges for plates and die-cuts, free samples, design support, and free custom quotes. Then, place your order right away and get ready to treat yourself with our outstanding offers.