Custom Candle Boxes A must for your candles

Custom Candle Boxes A must for your candles

Beautifully designed and printed Custom Candle Boxes are a perfect add-on to the candles. They enhance the overall look of candles as well as fascinate the customers. Made with perfection, these Custom Candle Boxes not only give a durable protection to the delicate candles inside but also, serve as exquisite gift boxes.

Custom Candle Boxes Design

Bored of the ordinary candle boxes? Don't worry! Our Custom Candle Boxes are exactly what you needed for the candles you bought or made at home. iCustomBoxes provides the most aesthetic Custom Candle Boxes which are available in various shapes and sizes. However, they can be designed and tailored according to the requirements of our valuable customers. The customizations may include printed messages for loved ones, business logos or contact numbers. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also choose crafty and decorative accessories such as laces, pearls, ribbons etc. On demand die-cut windows can also be added to the boxes through which the beautiful candle inside can be viewed. Moreover, other features including UV coatings, gold/ silver foiling, lamination and, Abrasion guards can also be applied according to the customer specifications.

Custom Candle Boxes Durability

Decorative Candles are susceptible to heat as well as dust so, in order to retain their beauty it is of due importance that they should be provided with protection and this, calls for candle boxes - sounds boring? Try our Custom Candle Boxes!  They're like icing on a cake as they not only give the required protection to the candles but also give them a ravishing appearance! What's more? They can be used as gift boxes! So, you don't even have to wrap it up! And no, they're not going to be thrown in the garbage as they're so appealing that anyone would want to keep them along with the candle inside.

Custom Candle Boxes Price and Quality

What do you look for before buying a product? The quality? The price? Or both?

Wipe the sweat off as iCustomBoxes have a solution to all of your worries. We provide the best quality products with economical prices. Our professional team makes sure that the customers get the standards they seek within affordable prices. And it's not an overstatement to say that our Custom Candle Boxes are an excellent value for money. 

Custom candle Boxes Wholesale

Whether used for decorations, ambiance or for gifting others, candles sure are in huge demand. And for that purpose we, with our creative team of designers have come up with exclusive range of designs and are open to customers' specifications. On demand of  our valuable customers, the Custom Candle Boxes are supplied wholesale as well. The unquestionable finish of our product, our timely deliveries and.