Custom gift boxes designing usage and benefits it carries

Custom gift boxes designing usage and benefits it carries

Gift giving has become a common tradition among all age groups as it reflects the love and affection one has for the other. Whether you are a US citizen, UK citizen or a part of Asian countries, you will surely be aware of the presentation of the gift and the role it plays in the life of both giver and the recipient. Hence, custom gift boxes are being in demand. These boxes are boxes, utilized by individuals, groups as well as businesses as can be easily produced in various shapes, sizes, designs, and styles, depending on the requirement of a particular individual or businesses.

Custom gift boxes for businesses

Where an organization intends to offer their employees a good product as a gift, they make use of proper gift boxes presentation. As these boxes are highly customizable, a large number of businesses demand a company logo, product logo, website address, the address of the company and other information to be printed. These boxes are perfectly designed for the shipment of product from one area to another without any destruction or damage. This is because of the quality features it carries.

Exclusive designing

As these boxes are customizable, these can be transformed according to the occasion for which it has to be used. These may include birthday parties, weddings, graduation, etc. The theme printed on the box reflects the type of occasion. We do not consider these boxes as cheap due to the fact that the material we utilize for the production is of extensively high-quality. It is also expensive in terms of prices when compared to ready-made boxes.

We create exclusive styles of custom gift boxes that incudes die-cut, lamination, silver-foiling, gold-foiling, etc. These boxes do carry fold down flaps that slid into the front side of the box and can also be turned into a table top display when opened. Hence, can also be utilized at sales and trade show events.

Majority floral companies utilize gift packaging for the secure delivery of fresh flowers on a regular basis. allows a special packaging inside which helps the flower in arriving safely without any damage.  Moreover, another style for gift packaging is the circular box- style that is mainly utilized in the shipment of important documents and other printed materials.

Effective uses of custom gift boxes

Just like every other person on this planet, you might be receiving hundreds of gift at your birthday or Christmas eve. What do you do with them? Do you throw them? If so, stop doing that since we can tell you what and how you can reuse them by a simple recycling procedure!
As custom gift boxes are manufactured out of quality and eco-friendly packaging material, these can easily be reused for various purposes as follows;

  • Storage

Large gift boxes can be used for the purpose of storing items in both home and office. You can tailor them according to your need, allowing various items such as toys, shoes, apparels, old appliances as well as books. You can also utilize these boxes for storing images. Custom gift boxes that are of circular in shape are used for storing small items like hats, trinkets or other sewing material.

  • Home/Office décor

Gift boxes when printed with elegant theme can also be reused as a home or office décor. Since these boxes comes in unique and elegant designs, these can also be reused as the base of flower vase, as tissue holder and in the creation of a photo frame.

  • Re-packaging gifts

If you open a gift box from one side, these can be utilized for the purpose of re-packaging another gift item. Along with the elegance it provides, it saves a lot of cost of packaging another gift item. 

Advantages of custom cardboard gift boxes

Undoubtedly both cardboard and Kraft gift boxes are perfect as they contribute in manufacturing alluring and decorative gift boxes in the limited time. Considering the fact that cardboard is an environment- friendly packaging at a reasonable price, these offers various advantages to the consumers;

  • Durability

Cardboard gift boxes are exclusively-designed boxes that carries the feature of durability which means that these do have the ability to hold weight for a long-period of time. These boxes also features portability which means that these are easy to carry. The special packaging of gift boxes prevents the item packaged inside from being wet.  

  • Affordability

In terms of price, custom gift boxes seems expensive in comparison to ready- made gift boxes available in market. These boxes holds outclass advantages that compliments the item packaged within them. The beauty of the theme, quality of material as well as the flexibility of the packaging adds value, thereby increasing the profits attained from it that ultimately covers the cost being charged and is therefore considered as an affordable yet beneficial packaging solution. 

  • Environmental impact

At iCustomBoxes, we are fond of using material that is usually eco-friendly in nature so that it leaves a positive environmental impact. Our experts prefer Kraft and cardboard packaging material.

Marketing cost / benefit

As the competition in the industries seems to have a boost, companies are fond of utilizing items that help the product and brand in being recognized by the targeted audience at large. Custom gift boxes do carry information related to the company that first makes the product unique and finally allows the major audience targeted to recognize the product from a great distance. As marketing and sales have a direct relationship, companies intend to opt every possible way of marketing and therefore chooses to apply custom packaging.

We allow our valuable customers to come up with their own designs and get it professionally manufactured using the top-rated material. Grab a healthy packaging solution to satisfy your business need!