Custom Printed Foundation Boxes Wholesale

Custom Printed Foundation Boxes Wholesale

Foundation is an important and essential cosmetic product and forms a part of every makeup regimen. There are a huge number of brands available in market that sale various types of foundations. There are also a number of types of foundations depending upon the type of customers. Packaging always comes first while selling any type of product whether foundation or something else. A good quality Packaging always enhances the worth of products. Foundation boxes are also differ in types and the material that is used but a good quality material designed using beautiful prints speaks about the high quality of boxes itself. We make foundation boxes that really prominent the foundation and help attracting the customers.

Custom foundation boxes

A simple, mono colored blank box is never as much attractive, beautiful and elegant as a customized box made up using beautiful designs in beautiful colors. The team of our creative designers always brings the best of designs that help increasing the sale of foundations. We use different techniques, procedures and styles to customize a box and a foundation box always made up to date and to the standards of the brand the products belong to. Printing is the next step that involves logo printing and adding product related details to the boxes. The logo of a certain brand is its sole property and separates it from fake and replicated products. The logo plays a very vital role to increase the sale of its products. The details related to brand and product are also printed which makes the customers convinced about the high quality branded products.

Foundation boxes wholesale

Foundation boxes wholesale are very profitable as they increase the sale of foundations. These boxes are mostly sold to cosmetic stores, retailers or brands that have a large volume of sales. The material used to make the foundation boxes is cardboard, Kraft or corrugated stuff which is easily available in the market at very reasonable prices. Customers may demand to add windows or insertions to these boxes but it all depends on the demand and purpose they want to use the boxes for. Also the material used to make foundation boxes is biodegradable which helps saving and protecting the environment.


iCustomBoxes is a sole packaging brand ha has emerged with a strength and quality standards within the short period of ten years. There are a number of brands in the market that are following our techniques and procedures of making boxes but our boxes both in designs and quality always shine out among them. We make it easy for our customers to use the products within these boxes without any hassle and tension of damaging these products. Foundation is even more a sensitive product so foundation boxes are ensured while making that they do not damage the quality of the product. If you haven’t tried any of our foundation boxes yet, just dial our toll free number and place your order. We provide free shipping of foundation boxes to customers living in the United States.