Get Sealed Packaging for Coffee Preservation

Get Sealed Packaging for Coffee Preservation

Coffee beans are highly delicate products. They are vulnerable to sunlight, heat, moisturization, etc. Coffee beans require air-tight and durable packaging because of their sensitive nature. Premium quality coffee packaging is essential to extend the shelf life of coffee beans. Our custom-sealed end packaging boxes are an ultimate source of protection, which acts as a barrier against harmful external odds. As a result, beans' actual aroma and freshness last for an extended time. We at iCustomBoxes offer a broad range of box styles, materials, and add-ons. You are allowed to handpick per your specifications. 

Brown Kraft Seal End Mylar Coffee Bags

Mylar pouches or bags are a perfect solution for storing premium coffee. Kraft mylar bag is 100% food-friendly and suitable for preserving dry coffee beans. The sealing of mylar bags with a heat seal alleviates the chances of entering gas, oxygen, or air inside the package. as a result, the products stay conserved and can be stored for longer. Apart from that, we added a handle with mylar bags. Including handles in packaging makes it easy for audiences to carry around the bags. Kraft paper packaging is 100% compostable. So, consumers can reuse or recycle it as well. 

Stand Out in Retail Environment with Coffee Packaging Logo

Printed coffee packaging is ideal for a brand’s advertisement in an appealing way. A good design box embossed with striking artwork, graphics, logo, etc., Outshines on the shelves and grabs the client’s attention. Apart from that, adding labels, tag lines, or descriptions of coffee, like its flavor, ingredients, price, or expiry date on packaging, is are best to offer clients a memorable buying experience. 

Add Extra Touch of Elegance to Coffee Packaging with Embellishments

There is no doubt that stunning and colorfully printed packaging has the power to become the center of the client’s attention. We have many additional solutions to create pleasing and sturdy custom coffee packaging. The coating of the box’s surface with laminations like gloss, matt, hot foil stamping, spot, etc., forms a dual function. It not only enhances the aesthetics of packaging but also offers a shield against scratches, scuffs, fingerprints, marks, etc. As a result, the box looks highly flawless, and the inside products remain protected. 

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

It’s a fact that there are plenty of packaging suppliers operating in Canada. So, it’s tough to choose an online brand. You have been successful in your research. iCustomBoxes is a Canada-based packaging and printing facility. It is an ideal place for brands looking for top-grade services at reasonable prices. Then, what’s the need to delay it? Reach out to us right now and get ready to boost the sales of the coffee business. Place your order now to benefit from a free shipment facility worldwide.