Get Variety Of Pie Slice Boxes wholesale at iCustomBoxes

Get Variety Of Pie Slice Boxes wholesale at iCustomBoxes

Like many other products, every bakery item needs proper packaging for safe and secure delivery of the product. There was a time when the bakery items were used to be sold in simple cardboard boxes but with the passage of time, there has been a huge change in the mentality of the public, the people who used to use the simply packed product now judge the product by its packaging the more pretty the packaging is the more special would be the gift inside it. Likewise, the bakery items that are packed in beautiful boxes are more than welcome for the consumers than the products sold in simple brown bags.

Try the services of iCustomBoxes

services of icustomboxes

If you own a bakery and are looking for a company that could manufacture the pie slice boxes that could help increase the sales of the pies, you can ask for the packaging services of iCustomBoxes. It is a packaging company that has years of experience in the field of packaging and can help you increase your business by guiding you to the right way of packaging according to the trend and the need of time. When it comes to food packaging icustomboxes has a wide range of packaging options whether you want the packaging for cakes and pastries or you just need some special looking pie slice boxes. There are many packaging companies in the market that are producing different types of cardboard boxes for cakes, donuts, cookies and pastries and even pies. The following are some types of pie slice boxes that may suit your needs.

What is the need of pie boxes?

the need of pie boxes

Pie is a bakery item that is very popular across the globe and especially in the western world there are no occasions for celebrating which pie is not available. Pie is among the most consumed bakery items across the world and it needs proper packaging to increase its shelf life and maintain its freshness till it is consumed. If you own a bakery with pie as the most selling item you can get stylish pie slice boxes manufactured from well-known packaging companies like icustomboxes. The pie packed in customized pie slice boxes is easy to transport from one place to the other while maintaining its perfect taste and freshness.

The triangular pie slice boxes

triangular pie slice boxes

This world is blessed with thousands of people who are not only creative but innovative too, they do not refrain from sharing their brilliant ideas with the rest of the world. One pie slice box idea that gained the attention of millions of people across the globe is that of triangular pie slice boxes that look exactly the same as a slice of pie. It is considered one of the most convenient and practical ways of distributing pie slices without any mess. Pie is a favorite bakery item on many occasions like kids' birthday parties and even on picnics.

The triangular pie slice boxes come very handily as a reasonable size of pie slice is packed in each triangular box and it is easy to distribute. One more interesting thing about the pie slice boxes in triangular shape is the amazing printing ideas that companies like iCustomBoxes apply on triangular boxes, some companies print it like a real slice of cake while others give it a look of ice cream slice, while some of the companies print it like a pizza slice that would look like in real slice of pizza. Some creative companies may leave it simple by printing it like a slice of cheese.

Square shaped pie slice boxes with windows

Square shaped pie slice boxes

Though most of the leading packaging companies like iCustomBoxes have been manufacturing a variety of boxes for different products .the most commonly sold item is the pie and there are a number of packaging options for you to choose from. Donut boxes with windows play a vital role in the marketing of these perishable items. The window is cut in the shape of your choice on every box to maintain its freshness. These pie slice boxes with windows work wonders in increasing the sales of the items as the delicious pies when packed in shiny plastic look even more mouthwatering.