How Candle Boxes That Keep Your Delicate Candles Protected

How Candle Boxes That Keep Your Delicate Candles Protected

Candles are costly retail goods. Candles are fragile and can break or crash out easily. The huge concern of the retail business is the proper protection of high-valued candles. Are you looking for a substantial packaging solution to keep delicate candles protected and unbroken? Then, you must order our custom candle boxes. You will be wondering what is unique about them. This blog will inform audiences how our customized packaging is ideal for product safety. Let’s delve into the blog's details.

Assure Candle’s Protection with Sturdy Candle Boxes

At iCustomBoxes, you will get the chance to experience plenty of material options for box manufacturing. Considering the product’s nature, we specify the packaging material. Our most preferable choices for the construction of custom candle boxes include:

  • Kraft:

Kraft paper is best for the packing of delicate and light-weight candles. Kraft paper is 100% biodegradable. So, consumers can reuse and recycle it as well. 

  • Cardboard:

Cardboard paper is an economical and long-standing solution for retail packaging.  

  • Corrugated:

Cardboard corrugated, designed with thick flutes, is ideal for the secure shipment of candles.

  • Rigid:

Rigid paper has no common usage like previous stock options. It cost more. However, rigid paper is hard and does not bend easily. 

Keep Candles Compacted with the Help of Inserts

Today, e-businesses are plenty in number. So, they look for a sturdiest packaging solution that helps safely transport products. Our mailer candle boxes designed with inserts are ideal for keeping candles protected from colliding with each other. We have a wide variety of insert designs. Paper inserts are preferred for retail packaging because of their affordability. You can get them in kraft, cardboard, corrugated and rigid material. On the other hand, foam holders are the most suitable choice for adding a prestigious feel to candle packaging. 

Additional Customized Solutions for Luxurious Candle Gift Boxes

Our company consists of the world’s best designers. They are capable of tailoring retail, promotional, and gift packaging. Our gift boxes are a little special. We apply various finishings to produce delightful packaging. Our unique add-on options involve the following:

Die-cut with PVC sheet:

Candle packaging with die-cuts offers the recipients a chance to sniff out the flavour of scented candles. The plastic PVC sheet protects against dust, dirt, germs, pollutants, etc. 


Adding the feature of handles makes product handling easy for buyers.

Hot foil stamping:

Hot foiling enhances the aesthetic appeal of an exclusive printed design. 

Ribbons/hemp rope:

Colourful printed satin and silk ribbons are added to give a classy look to a special box. Hemp rope is the best alternative to produce eco-friendly packaging.

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