Top 7 Tips Customize Best Cigarette Boxes - iCustomBoxes

Top 7 Tips Customize Best Cigarette Boxes - iCustomBoxes

In order to establish your cigarette brand, it is hence paramount for you to customize your cigarette boxes. Customization allows you to decide how your brand will appear to the world. You set your brand value and recognition with customized packaging. Nobody but you have the ability to best describe and showcase the credibility of your brand through customization. It is true to say that you take the fate of your business into your hands.

By customizing your blank cigarette boxes, you lead the industry. Packaging has the most impact on generating sales. Only high sales depict and tell the world the worth of your brand. With high-quality and eye-captivating packaging, leading this business is just a piece of cake.

The fittest and finest Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

First and foremost, we at iCustomBoxes would like to emphasize the fact that every element that goes into the production of your empty cigarette boxes is of high-end quality. Especially the stocks we manufacture are ideal and perfect for your custom cigarette boxes.

However, Cardboard cigarette boxes are preferred the most over other stocks. These boxes are sturdy and will be able to act as a shield for cigarettes. Moreover, their eco-friendly property makes them a class apart from all other box packagings. These boxes are lightweight yet successfully provide protection against cigarettes. If your cigarettes do not get damaged during the shipping process, it adds to the credibility and good reputation of your brand. Hence, Cardboard cigarette boxes are best for shipment purposes!

Capture Consumer Attention with an Exquisite Exterior

Attracting your customers to your cigarettes is indeed a task and a goal for a brand. Manufacturers look for ways they can grab consumer and market attention towards their cigarettes. With the ongoing competition in this industry, it is not an easy job for a brand to survive. Many brands had to shut down in the past. They weren’t able to make a place for themselves in the industry. With add-on features offered at iCustomBoxes, you can make an exquisite and eye-infectious appearance for your blank cigarette boxes that will help you establish your brand’s worth.

With our foiling element, you can outline your logo on your empty cigarette boxes to make an elegant impact on your customers. Foiling is usually of metallic colours. These colours look more attractive. However, you can also customize the colour of your foil as well. Now come our magical elements i.e. Embossing and Debossing. They are rightfully called magical elements.

It is because they give a 3D effect to your cardboard cigarette boxes. You can use this feature to intensify the look of your logo or pattern on your blank cigarette boxes. Using these features assure you a high-end exterior. Thus, your packaging will be able to represent your brand in the industry. It will then become a salesman for your brand!

Give a coating to your Cigarette Boxes

We offer coating for your cardboard cigarette boxes as well. It is important to understand why coating is important. The coating is a seal to your packaging. Especially when you have a print personalized on your blank cigarette boxes, it becomes paramount for you to protect it. The coating will cover your print. Hence, the print on your empty cigarette boxes won’t get damaged as well.

There are three types of coating you can choose from, all creating a different outlook:

  • The aqueous coating will give a high-end watery yet glossy look to your cigarette boxes.
  • The matte coating will provide an elegant outlook.
  • Gloss coating will give a shiny look to your custom blank cigarette boxes.

Budget Problems?

You don’t have to worry about the budget once you’ve partnered with us. You can now get the bulk of your empty cigarette boxes without having to worry about high expenses. With a wholesale purchase of your cigarette boxes, you now make your customization process economical and budget-friendly for you. With wholesale, you go easy on your pocket!

Thus, now you can grab a larger amount and won’t even have to pay a big price as well. Isn’t this a steal deal?

Free and Safe Shipping

We at iCustomBoxes make sure to help and facilitate our clients in whatever ways we can. One of the main concerns of clients is the shipment procedure. For this purpose, we provide free shipping to our clients. Moreover, our shipment process is safe and trustworthy as well. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your empty cigarette boxes getting damaged. Your trust in us matters to us the most and we make sure to serve you, for you!