Order Premium Custom Candle Boxes Canada from ICB

Order Premium Custom Candle Boxes Canada from ICB

Custom Candle Boxes in Various Sizes, and Shapes

There is no limit to customization. We know how to create an ideal box addressing the product’s dimensions. The entire value of a product lies in its packaging design and size.  You can count on us whether you need a small box for tea candle packaging or a large box to store taper candles. Our designers are skilled enough to personalize the box into any custom-made size, shape, and layout. Moreover, we can design the box into cubic, cylindric, square, or round shapes following the candle’s shapes. Apart from that, we create custom boxes in Canada in exciting styles. The names involve tray and sleeve packaging, tuck front, tuck end, candle packaging with window, subscription boxes, gift packaging, and countertop display boxes.

Sturdiest Custom Candle Box Packaging Canada

The product’s packaging can beat or lead you in the market.  Candles are fragile décor items and need extra attention while packaging. Our custom candle boxes in Canada are the right fit to safely display and store sophisticated candles. They are manufactured with the sturdiest material that completely protects candles and does not let them break or crack. In addition, we coat the product’s packaging with the sturdiest laminations like gloss, matt, and aqueous coating. Their application adds a layer of strength to the box’s surface against scratches, scuffs, fingerprints, marks, etc.

Drive Out Buyer’s Attention with Eco-Friendly Candle Packaging

One of the most significant factors that can urge you to select us is environmentally friendly packaging. Our company has been at the forefront of endorsing green packaging. Our custom candle boxes wholesale in Canada are entirely secure for Mother Nature. Our team ensures using biodegradable paper, eco-friendly printed inks, and laminations. Our material options include kraft, cardboard, and corrugated. Apart from being eco-friendly, they are durable and cost-efficient as well. Brown kraft paper can be the best option for you if you intend to give a natural look to the packaging. On the other hand, cardboard-coated packaging is partially recyclable.

Sturdiest Corrugated Candle Shipping Boxes:

Digitalization has pushed industries towards e-business. There are a lot of brands that are selling best quality homemade candles all across the globe. Brands stay anxious about product safety. Candles are delicate and cannot bear transport threats unless they are packed in a sturdy box. Our candle mailer boxes have covered you. These boxes made with thick cardboard corrugated amplify the product’s protection. We can increase the box’s strength following the product’s needs. The more delicate the product, the more sturdies packaging it requires.

Glorify Scented Candles with Window Packaging

Are your candles not getting the expected attention? Candle boxes with windows are an outstanding and impressive way to grab our buyer’s attention at first sight. It is best for displaying products on the retail shelves.  The window lets the buyers smell the candles and hand-pick their favorite flavored, scented ones. Additionally, the PVC sheet gives a luxurious touch and ensures the product’s protection. We use a robust PVC sheet to keep dirt, moisture, contaminants, soil, etc., at bay. We can shape windows into any shape or size. However, a heart-shaped window is suitable for gift packaging.

Ensure Candle’s Safety with Inserts Packaging

The primary purpose of inserts in packaging is to enhance the audience’s unboxing experience. Moreover, they also keep things arranged and present very professionally. In large-size candle boxes, inserts act as the best dividers. They give a specific room to each candle. In this way, candles stay organized and prevent damage. We offer a broad range of custom inserts. You can get them in any size, shape, and design. However, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated are preferred for retail packaging due to their cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, you can opt for foam inserts for exclusive giveaways or gift boxes.

Plethora Of Finishing Solutions for Luxurious Packaging

Candles are high-valued items and deserve luxurious packaging. We are offering various add-on options to enrich candle packaging wholesale in Canada. These include:

  • Coatings

Give an extra layer of strength and give the gloss, satin, and soft texture to the box’s surface.

  • Embellishments

Embossing/ debossing intensifies color of printed designs and makes stand them out

  • Add-ons:

Accomplish product packaging like inserts, ribbons, die-cuts, hang tabs, etc.

iCustomBoxes: Eventual Place for Buying Candle Boxes in Canada

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