Get Customize Vape Packaging with free Shipping - iCustomBoxes

Get Customize Vape Packaging with free Shipping - iCustomBoxes

With the rapid increase in vape consumers, there is a great increase in vape manufacturers as well. Bearing in mind the ongoing competition in this particular industry, it is indeed a process and a goal for a brand to sustain. Brands find quality packaging as one straight pathway to success in order to establish a good reputation for themselves. We at iCustomBoxes have been assisting many clients for this purpose with quality and excellence!

The material that goes into the production of your custom vape boxes needs to be strong enough. Only a durable material will be able to best support your vape. For this purpose, we at iCustomBoxes provide one of the finest quality materials. You can get paperboard, cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated cardboard for the production of your custom vape packaging.

Moreover, all stocks that iCustomBoxes offer are of high eco-friendly properties. This means that your vape boxes will not pose a threat to the environment as well. Having this element in your packaging will only add to the credibility of your brand. You can also adjust the thickness of your packaging. Products like vapes require strong protection. For this purpose, we at iCustomBoxes allow you to personalize your packaging from every aspect.

An Exquisite outlook for your Vape Cartridge Boxes

With iCustomBoxes, an exceptional outcome for your vape cart packaging is promised. We leave no stones unturned in order to provide you with your best vape boxes. Team iCustomBoxes offers some amazing features that will highly impact the outlook of your vape cartridge boxes. Our foiling element will give an aesthetic appearance. You can use it to outline or print the logo of your brand on your custom vape packaging. Foiling is usually of metallic colors i.e. gold and silver. However, you can customize the foil color according to your need as well.

With the classic embossing and debossing feature offered at iCustomBoxes, you maximize the attractiveness of your cartridge packaging. This feature will give an intense outlook to your custom vape boxes. It will then be able to attract customers easily. You can uplift or depress the logo or pattern on your vape cart packaging. An attractive look is then sure to achieve!

Moreover, you can also customize a die-cut window on your custom vape packaging as well. It will allow your buyers to have a look at the vape before making a purchase. A high-quality PVC sheet also shields your die-cut. Henceforth, you don’t have to worry about your vape getting damaged. This will greatly influence the purchase of your vape as the buyers will have no doubts about the product then!

Child Resistant Vape Cart Packaging

Team iCustomBoxes also offers child-resistant packaging for your custom vape boxes. There are kids in every household. Their protection is every adult’s prime concern. For their safety, child-resistant packaging can be brought to use. Child-resistant packaging is difficult for a child to open. This type of packaging is especially for the medicinal industry. This does not allow the product to get in contact with the kids.

Vape consumers now also prefer child-resistant packaging. Hence, this packaging will make your brand be every consumer’s first priority in purchase! Moreover, we also provide a wide range of box styles for you to choose from. All these boxes have unique exteriors which will make your vape cartridge packaging a class-apart from all other brands. Some box styles team iCustomBoxes suggest you are:

  • Tray and Sleeve Boxes
  • Gable bags
  • Hexagon two-piece boxes
  • Double-wall tuck front boxes
  • Straight tuck end boxes

You can customize these box styles to your preferred sizes. Choosing a uniquely styled box is a smart way in making your brand easily recognizable from others!

Get your hands on the bulk of your Customized Packaging now!

We at iCustomBoxes allow you to grab a large amount of your personalized cartridge packaging at affordable prices. Wholesale purchases are pocket friendly. It is because a large amount of CBD vape Oil boxes are manufactured at once. With the wholesale purchase of your vape cart packaging, your customization becomes cost-effective as well.

Team iCustomBoxes looks forward to working with you, you!