What will be the Best Packaging Material for Cosmetic Packaging

What will be the Best Packaging Material for Cosmetic Packaging

In a few decades, the cosmetic industry has expanded because of its excessive usage. People bring into use different cosmetic products into their day-to-day lives. Over time, trends in packaging have also evolved. Beauty products are costly and likely to dry out or decay before their due expiration date. Durable and substantial packaging is preferred to elevate the product’s visual appeal and safety inside the package. This blog will discuss which material is the most appropriate option for custom cosmetic packaging. Let’s read the details. 

Eco-Friendly and Sturdiest Packaging Material Options:

The material selection for the product’s packaging is among the most challenging things. The overall sustenance of products relies on the sturdiest packaging. We offer various alternatives in material packaging like kraft, cardboard, corrugated, and rigid. All these material options are 100% eco-friendly and durable enough to resist scratches, scuffs, tinctures, etc.  You can pick out any of them that seem suitable to you.   

Sturdiest Cardboard:

Cardboard paper is the most considerable paper choice for retail packaging. And it is one of the best options for cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale. On one hand, it is sturdiest, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Secondly, it is viable to have endless customized options. It is flexible, and you can design cosmetic boxes into any custom size and shape without any hassle. In addition, cardboard paper packaging is print-friendly, so you can adorn paper packaging with logos, artwork designs, catchy texts, etc.

100% Recyclable Kraft Paper:

The demand for brown kraft paper has escalated because of its organic nature. Moreover, it is a suitable option to store and display light-weight products like mascara, eye-lashes/ shadows, lipsticks, toners etc., like cardboard paper, it is strong and gives utmost protection to inside products against moisture, humidity, pollutants etc. apart from brown kraft color, we offer kraft paper in black and white colors as well. And the most advantageous thing about kraft paper is that it is 100% recycleable. It does not have any role in the emission of gases in the atmosphere. 

Thick Corrugated: Ideal for Safe Shipment 

Covid 19 has given rise to e-businesses. The beauty industry is not an exception. Brands look for the sturdiest packaging to ship their products globally. Corrugated boxes are an ideal solution to ship fragile products safely. The corrugated paper has thick flutes that enhance the box’s strength and allow it to bear travelling traumas without damaging the products. 

Choose Rigid for Exceptional Packaging:

Compared to the former material options, rigid paper can cost you a bit more. Generally, it is used to create professional or exclusive box packaging. It is strong and the best option to give ultimate security to costly make-up products. Additionally, rigid paper is prone to customized solutions. You can provide rigid cosmetic gift packaging a fancy look by adding die-cut windows, foam inserts, hang tabs and handles, etc. 

Why Choose Us?

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